Energy / EPC

Cost Estimating of EPC and Energy Projects require collaboration and extreme performance. CostOS is designed to fully satisfy such demands.

EPC / EPCM Contractor Estimating

Now you can price thousands of items and manage a substantial amount of data with unmatched ease. Save time and energy by importing/ exporting, copying and pasting quickly, huge equipment lists and other cost data with safety.

Use the advanced layout options to group, sort and filter the data to get Costs, Man-hours, and Escalations etc. in any format that you need, to graphically assess cost and man-hour spreads, enabling you to focus on the most important items.


With CostOS you can streamline your Request for Quotes to suppliers, subcontractors or contractors and benchmark responses to compare with historical data. The centralized environment ensures collaboration to perform role based estimating and boost the productivity of your estimating department.

Simplify your work by using your 3D models for quantity take-offs, access real time information as the estimate is created and work with multiple currencies. Then perform material hedging and build your location factors to operate in multiple countries. Get access to knowledge bases with Man-hours and Equipment Prices and use CostOS’s powerful Parametric Engine to build up your rates and explore Constructability Analysis.


With CostOS, you can perform consistent estimates and respond rapidly to new enquires, win more profitable work and minimize your risk. Integrate your estimates with the Project Execution, Accounting, Cost Management, Risk Management and other core business processes to become a Learning 

Energy Facilities Owners and Investors

Knowledge is a most valuable asset and CostOS can provide the means to make the most of it. Estimate the CAPEX of your projects by making use of ready-made models and develop your estimates from the concept stage all the way through the FEED phases whilst double checking and advising the Engineering Consultants of cost effective, value engineered options, quickly and accurately.

Benchmark Contractor responses and build a Knowledgebase from data that is becoming available to you, whilst centralizing your estimating and creating trends of important Equipment based on weight, duty, time, quantity and other cost drivers.

Using CostOS will enable your team to collaborate on the same estimates, and standardize your estimating processes amongst various departments or offices.

Become a learning Organization through ‘out- of- the- box’ integrations to achieve maximum return on investment for your assets!