CostOS today offers a unique solution to the Mining Sector. Some of the mining areas where our clients have implemented CostOS today include Precious Metals , Base Metals (Concentrators, Hydrometallurgy) , Iron Ore, Uranium, Rare Earths, Coal, and a wide range of other commodities.

Estimators of Mining Projects have to resolve several challenges, and sometimes they work to the limits of Microsoft Excel or other systems that do not support relational databases.
The ability to utilize formulas and expressions of Excel, and work in a collaborative, role based manner over a central database adds a very important value and power to the organizations that decide to deploy the CostOS solution.
In addition the parametric engine of CostOS, together with GIS based capabilities, allow the estimators to work closely with the engineering departments and optimising the site layouts, methodologies, equipment specifications to be used as well as fabrication and transportation costs.

All the knowledge, data, quotes managed through the quote management, and methodologies put into the system, become a knowledgebase, on which new and junior  estimators can vary quickly adopt to.
Large organizations that operate over several countries can keep in one source all the collected data and build location factors easily for quick and more accurate estimate adjustments.

Alternative options for building the estimate, can be evaluated “on the fly” and any reports and business analytics that the management may want are possible to build and run over the database.

All the above are translated into increased efficiency and profit for an organization and therefore CostOS not only will depreciate itself within the first project, but it will also become a valuable asset for the organizations future operations.